Once Upon a Time Program – What’s your story? Care to share? This program does just that. This workshop allows us to freely share our personalized testimony with different religious organizations, schools, shelters, and any other organization that welcomes us. After we deliver our story, we will give the audience the opportunity to tell their story. By sharing our testimony, it allows us to connect through the eyes of many and appreciate/recognize their walk of life. We can support and provide positive feedback for every individual struggling with adversity. This program will help provide spiritual strength to those who lack faith within themselves. Recognition of one’s history is a behavioral map to their future. Without being able to recognize/accept your past, how can we ever walk towards a promising future?

Find your Way Program (Self-Awareness) – Surround yourself with nature’s beauty and discover who you are by participating in our self- awareness retreats. These retreats are selected randomly every month. We will travel many areas around the world and experience the serenity of our spirit. While voyaging, not only do we work on individual development, but we can also appreciate nature and connect with different people around the world.

United We Stand Program – Universal missionaries unite with other religions in respect with one’s belief and educate each other with the differences that keep us apart. Let’s visit all churches, synagogues, temples, places of worship, organizations of atheism, etc. in order to familiarize ourselves with their beliefs and bring unity to this world of divisions. With understanding and communicating as one unit, we can then learn to respect every belief and avoid conflict and war by standing united with the representation of God’s love.

Be the Miracle Program – Inspiration is the root of empowerment. We can impact someone’s life by delivering the word of God or showing love to those who lack it. Be the Miracle Program allows you to serve and dedicate a small portion of your time to an individual. Let’s be the “disciple”, the “messenger”, the “missionary” the “supporter” the “motivator” the “activist” , by traveling the world and giving hope and strength to those who lost theirs.

Spiritual Journey Program – Through meditation we can listen to the voice of guidance and gain sight of the unseen. With the Spiritual Journey Program, we will demonstrate a step by step 2 hour meditation seminar. Everyone will learn how to separate their confusion and clutter by incorporating the art of meditation and making better decisions in their lives. Living a life of spiritual deliverance will provide comfort & peace within every individual.