PMS Class of 2014-2015Once Upon A Time Program at Poughkeepsie Middle School


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  P.M.S. Class of 2014-2015                             Our Guest  Theo Harris-Motivational Speaker                                    2014 Holiday Trip to NYC                                             2014 Holiday Party

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Our Guest Jesse Saperstein
– Motivational Speaker                              Our Guest Gregorio Quinn- Motivational Speaker                 Anti-Bully Walk Poster Preparation            2015 4th Annual Anti-Bully Walk

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Our Artist Jennifer Woodason at PMS          2015 4th Riverkeeper Sweep at Waryas Park               P.M.S. 2014-2015 Last Day of Program                 Breaths of Love Fundraiser                      

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P.M.S. Class of 2015-2016                             Seeds of Hope – Battered Women Makeover                                 Serving the Less Fortunate                                 2016 Poughkeepsie Clean-up

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2016 Trip – The Lion King                                                   Video Shoot – Last Scene                                                  Last Day of Class – June 11, 2016                                    P.M.S. Class of 2016-2017

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Warm for Winter Clothing Drive                  PAW Your HEART Out With LOVE Event – 12/03/16                 2016 Holiday Helping Hand